Mercedes-Benz WIS / ASRA 2020/10 + [Oracle VirtualBox] download

Mercedes-Benz WIS / ASRA 2020/10 + [Oracle VirtualBox] download

Year / Date of Release : 2020-10
Version : 2020-10
Interface language : english
Tablet : cured
Description : Compressed by the archiver [WinRAR 5.50] image of the virtual machine [Oracle Virtualbox 6.1] Mercedes-Benz WIS / ASRA. Information base [2020-10] for the repair of cars and trucks, Mercedes-Benz buses for the European and American markets.

1) Install Oracle VirtualBox (I have version 6.1.22r144080).
2) Launch VirtualBox. Press Ctrl-G. Find out the folder where VirtualBox prefers to store images. We leave or change at your discretion.
3) Unzip WIS.rar into the “Folder for machines” from the previous paragraph.
4) In VirtualBox, press Ctrl-A. Go to the WIS folder and select the WIS.vbox file. Click the Open button.
5) We start the virtual machine. Launch WIS with a shortcut on the screen. If suddenly it does not start with a shortcut, then it is standard through IE.
Logins / passwords for ASRA: Admin / 11111 user / 11111
Add. Information : WITHOUT EPC, only WIS !!!

In the [Screen] folder there are screenshots of the virtual machine settings – maybe someone will come in handy.


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