BMW INPA diagnostics + e65 Download

BMW INPA diagnostics + e65 Download


INPA is factory BMW diagnostics software that connects to all the systems and modules on BMW cars not just engine like generic scanners, it reads all BMW trouble codes and gives live diagnostics and data and GUI pages and test functions…

Ok this is an idiots guide for INPA! it is “NOT” for ppl to say oooh!! its cheaper doin it this way or its piss easy and cheaper using a modded vagcom cable, or a USB interface etc etc!! its just a guide for the simplist and easiest way to hook your car up and diagnose with INPA for the beginner..

1.the absolute simplist way to connect to your OBD2 compliant car or ADS car is via the way it was designed for in the beginning,,and that is via a serial port connection with a INPA compatible serial interface/lead.. can connect to your OBD2 car soley in ADS mode you do not need OBD mode (the cutdown INPA version 63mb on the net is an ADS only version and it is all you need for either type of system if you are using a serial interface and connection) need an INPA compatible double kkline serial interface cable..

4. an older type cheapo laptop or any laptop with a serial port preferably with XP loaded.

5.a copy of INPA/EDIABAS software cutdown version @ 63MB works fine on OBD2 or ADS cars.

6.if your car is pre OBD2 it will be either a crossover car which has both 20 pin round socket under the bonnet and 16 pin OBD2 in the cabin by your right knee or soley the 20 pin round under the bonnet (ADS socket)

7.if you have soley the 20 pin round socket under the bonnet and or pin 15 is populated? this is a fully ADS car not OBD2.. ADS car you need an ADS adaptor interface or an ADS/OBD switchbox to access all the cars modules cannot connect to all modules on an ADS car with the cheap 20 pin (ADS) round to 16 pin OBD2 adaptors like that are sold on Ebay..

10.USB interfaces can be and will be more problematic for the INPA beginner plus USB interfaces will NOT connect with INPA set in ADS mode… can acess all modules, fault code read with INPA, including ABS,airbags,engine ECU,parking sensors and do live diagnostics via a GUI screen and reset codes, airbags and adaptions etc etc

12.No serial port on your laptop? PCMCIA to serial port adaptors or USB to serial port adaptors can be made to work, but again can be seriously problematic for an INPA beginner…

So to sum up if your car is a pre OBD2 car and has a 20 pin round socket under the bonnet with pin 15 present you will need:
A cheap laptop with a serial port and XP loaded.


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