AC gas synchro stag 400 DPI Download + crack

AC gas synchro stag 400 DPI Download + crack

STAG 400 DPI is a modern sequential injection controller, and the only one on the market guaranteeing precise gas injection within full RPM range.

STAG 400 DPI is dedicated for the Direct Petrol Injection engines with particular engine code and car

The list of engine codes and models You can find on this link:

As the only controller on the market, STAG 400 DPI works perfectly with the direct petrol injection technology, which is more and more commonly used in modern petrol engines. Owing to that fact, the use of cars equipped with direct injection engines and the STAG 400 DPI gas installation becomes more economical and ecological.
Technologically advanced engines supported by a range of electronic devices are extremely sensitive to any change in the factory preset parameters. Therefore, any system installed in them has to perfectly work with the vehicle’s computer. The excellent integration of petrol and gas fuelling systems into the direct injection engines can be ensured by a STAG 400 DPI system specifi cally dedicated to this type of fuelling.

Top quality, safety.

STAG 400 DPI is produced based on the latest technology and top-quality electronic components and is equipped with innovative software featuring a number of functions, which makes STAG 400 DPI the most advanced and best for the direct petrol injections engines today. STAG 400 DPI is safe for the engine as well as petrol injectors which is backed by the long distance road tests conducted by the Testing and Certifi cation Laboratory.

Advantages of the STAG-400 DPI system:

  • Precise gas dosage in the full RPM range with optimized extra petrol injection.
  • Maintains the key petrol engine operating parameters.
  • Innovative gas dosage method to ensure stable engine operation.
  • Seamless petrol to gas switchover.
  • Diagram of connection and calibration similar to that in other STAG controllers.
  • New tools for quick calibration.
  • Supremely precise auto-calibration.
  • Built-in OBDII/EOBD adapter.
  • Extended auto-diagnosis system.
  • Integrated petrol pressure emulator.
  • 3D graphic map.
  • Extra injection management readout of ECU correction.
  • Monitoring of working parameters on an oscilloscope.
  • Clear calibration program.


Communications with OBD II/EOBD:

The controller has an integrated adapter, which enables communication with the petrol ECU via the
following OBD II/EOBD protocols:

  • ISO-15765,
  • ISO-14230,
  • ISO-9141

Comfortable and easy usage.

The use of STAG 400 DPI ensures a comfortable, dynamic and economical ride with a full range of parameters,
as guaranteed by the manufacturer. An installation equipped with a STAG 400 DPI controller is perfectly adjusted and service intervention is required only for periodic checks of the gas installation.